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My daughter has had a Venous Malformation probably since birth. I noticed a lump on the side of her jaw probably when she was about 4 years old. The lump was particularly noticible when she leaned over or was lying down. I didn't seek any medical advise until she was about 8 yrs old. (She is now 15 years old) When she was 10 I took her to University of California San Francisco and she was seen by Ilona Friede of the Vascular Anomalies Clinic. Ilona was very knowledgable and I trusted her judgement in that it should be left alone. Her lump is sometimes uncomfortable for for her when it swells up. She playa the Sax and it sometimes swells up when she plays which can be embarrassing for her to explain. When she is upright there is only slight swelling and bluish color. Overall it is not a big problem. After reading some of the discussions I'm concerned that it may grow bigger or change. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it will not get worse in time.
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