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Sierra Girl
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My daughter doesn't like to write but had some questions for me. She is 15 and has a vascular malformation on the back of her jaw near her ear. It is transiant, meaning it swells up when she leans over or is upside down or during some types of activities like playing her saxaphone. She wanted to know if anyone had one similiar to her and if it ever has changed, gotton smaller or bigger. She thinks it may be getting smaller she hopes so. People ask her about it and she calls it her "bump" and they think it is kind of weird. I can tell she does get a bit embarrassed by it. If they ask if she was hurt she just tells them it is a cluster of veins that fill up with blood sometimes and that she has had it since she was born. She is lucky that the bump is not terribly noticible but sometimes it hurts or is uncomfortable when swollen.
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