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Default Re:PWS and Periodontal work


My name is Hank I am a 21 years old and have some of the same problems as you.

I have PWS, and Hemangiomas on my face and skull. The biggest H is on my right upper lip. I also have PWS on my upper jum, which in the proccess of being developed, all my top teeth where shifted over two places to the left. I have had major dental surgery, braces, wizdom teeth pulled, the works. I now have porsalen glass teeth capped on to the front top of my mouth. Because of my crated artery problem I have always taken on the risk of getting any major cuts on the right side of my face because of the chance of bleeding to death. Though so far I have not had any problems.
I did get some blood thinner injected into me many years ago that was suppose to slow the blood flow in my jum. Has your dentist checked into this? If it provents you from massive bleeding it is worth a shot I think.

I am looking forward to talking to you more.

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