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Hi, I'm 17, and I have been TOLD for several years that I've had a hemangioma and not to worry about it because it SHOULD go away after puberty. I've only just learned that I think I DO have a Venous Malformation! I'm very frustrated. In the past, the only problems I've had since I was 9 or 10 were extreme pains in my leg, and minor loss of mobility. Lately, I've had more intense pains... (all day and some nights), and I've been begining to loose a little circulation in my toes from time to time. I had almost given up on ever finding treatment before coming to this web site and learning the truth about my condition. I've had three sclerotherapy treatments when I was younger (all unsuccessful) and I'm not really sure what to do from here.
I'm very angry that my Doctors, who acted sooooo rude and condescending to me, misdiagnosed me for all these years. Please! someone w/ a similar problem... tell me what treatment YOU are undergoing, WHO you are seeing, and if there is anything that can help me!,
*please put Vascular in the subject or something similar, so I don't delete in fear of viruses.
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