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My name is Trev, I am 20, I have a PWS on my right cheek, I have been treated w : : :ith V beam lazor about 10 times in the past 15 months. When I was at #8, I thought it was going very well and it seemed to be going away nicley, I noticed in the front it was still thicker then the rest, the doc said we should just treat that part, so I took her advice and did it. well it seemed to make it all more inflamed, and bring back the colour in my jaw, right upper lip, and surounding area on my cheek, WHY??, did i hit some kind of blood supply and if so will it go back to the way it was??and is it ok to drink alcohal after treatments, would that affect healing?? What are things to stear clear of when you have a PWS?? Questions!! Questions!! Questions!! :
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