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I have pasted up part of a post about the same subject. Here it is:

"You need to see and experienced interventinal radiologist. There are several in the US. One of the best teams is in Boston, Dr. Pat Burrows is the radiologist and she works with Dr. Steven Fishman a surgeon along with many other experienced doctors. You can reach Dr. Burrows office directly at 617-355- 6579 and the Vascular Anomalies clinic there at 617-355-5226 ask for Carol. Dr. Wayne Yakes is in Colorado at 303-788-4280. He does the most number of procedures and is very aggressive. Dr. Mark Ryan at Duke University is also very experienced 919684-3401 ask for Jean Curtis,RN.
AVM can become very problematic, please seek the opinion of someone that has experience in the managment of these masses. (by KayOne, January 2004)"

Dr. Wayne Yakes in Colorado is a name that I've seen mentioned at a few places, he seems to be the most experimented when it comes to AVM.

As to insurance coverage, being a Canadian, I can't tell you.

I hope this helps a little. Good luck with the embolization (why sclerotherapy -- is it also venous??).

Lise (AVM of the lip operated by Dr. Milton Waner, but he's a head and neck surgeon, I don't think he would perform a surgery on an arm)

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