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Wow that was some great information. We did not see DR Goldberg but I know of him. We actually saw one of his associates who only works with peds cases and darn if his name doesn't escape me right now GRRR. We ended up seeing the head of (I know IM going to butcher this word LOL) nasocranial institute in Phx and that DR was Stephan Beals. You know I begged and begged for all of them to do an MRI but they all said that it is a soft tissue tumor and wouldn't show up on the picture. As far as it returning Why in the heck did nobody tell me this? I asked about it and all everyone ever told me was that there is always a chance.... Like it was no big deal. We opted for surgery because since she was only 5 and already had them up and down her neck ending just into the hairline and were becoming painful when they hemorrhaged and covering a large area in her neck. Pathology came back showing not only the Lymphangioma but also Angiokeratoma (vascular). When Meg came out of surgery her DR did say that it was very well defined! So why is it coming back? Is it time to see a new DR? Sigh I just want this to be over with. Thanks so much for your reply
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