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Default Daughter, age 7, has AVM in brain. Help!

My daughter, Krischelle has been recently diagnosed with an AVM in her occipital lobe in the deep right side of her brain. She is a beutiful, active child and is very involved with the All-Star Cheerleading squad in out city.
A couple of months ago she started being very tired and weak all of the time. She would come straight home from school and go to bed. She started having double vision, migraine headaches and then on March 6th she fell to the floor with her 1st seizure.
Krischelle was put on Tegratol 2X a day but after the cat scan and EEG coming back normal, the doctor told me I just needed to get her eyes examined. I knew that something was just not right, but with the EEG and cat scan being normal, I did not know what else to do.
Krischelle was admitted into the hospital a week later with constant vomiting. No medication gave her any relief and she lost 4.5 lbs in one week. They then finally did a MRI at the request of myself and the ER doctor.
The MRI showed the AVM and when the doctor told me I had never even heard of an AVM. Of course I immediately did the one thing I shouldn't have. I started researching the internet and read all kinds of horror stories. We have been to a Neurologist and a Pediatric Neurosurgeon and the consensus is to remove the AVM. With her being so young, her risks of the AVM hemmorhaging grow greater every year. I am standing on my faith in God but I am still so scared I am going to make the wrong decision. I am so ready for any helpful information anyone can give on AVM's in the brain and also any encouraging stories. I have so many questions and fears that I need resolved but I don't know where to turn....................................
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