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Default Surgery or No surgery?

I'm the one with the 7 year old daughter with an AVM in her brain. This question, like most of you, I'm sure is the hardest one I am dealing with. The AVM is too deep for radiation, they are not sure if they can get it with a catheter, the only sure way to get to it is a craniotomy.
I can't even imagine someone cutting into my sweet angel's head! My concern is; what if we go with the surgery and she is left with brain damage, paralysis, loss of vision, motor skills, or worse death? What if we choose to avoid surgery due to the risks and then a few years down the road, something happens to her? Do the risks of surgery outweigh her risks of something happening in the future? I feel like no answer will be the right one because if something happens to her, I will never forgive myself! Krischelle is such a happy, vibrant child and my heart tells me to forget the surgery and that God will take care of her. I believe in all my heart that God can heal her and I never want to doubt him, but I am still a mother who fears for her child and the quality of the life that she lives. Does this ever get any easier? I am taking her to another Pediatric Neurosurgeon at the University of Indiana but so far all of the Doctors agree that Surgery is best. I don't know what to do.
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