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Default Re:Growing up with a PWS

Hi Melissa,

I can relate to alot of what you said. I am a 22 years old and have PWS on my face. I also have hemangiomas in other areas as well.
The whole dating thing I agree with, people see you first the way you look and then they meet you for who you are. Personally after 14 years of laser treatment my marks are still here, and I know they are here to stay. I think they have made me a better person. Sure we get stares and asked questions but god made you with a PWS for a reason, you might not know why yet but it will come to you. I know some reasons why I have one but that is a different subject.

I know I am a guy but tell you the true I have makeup that I can where when I want to. Like if I know I am going to be around alot of people I do not know I would where it, but I would rather not because my birthmark is part of me. So is yours laser treatment can be painfull depending on the laser you are useing. The doctors can not do anything more for me, but if you are interested the V-Beam Pulse Dye laser is very good and is safe on infents. Ask your doctor about it maybe he or she will know of it.

If you have any questions just ask this website is full of info.

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