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Hi Corinne:
I want to know if you can help me. Any information will be fine. I am actually in contact with differents institutions to travel to USA (Operation Smile, Jackson Memorial Foundation, Peruvian Social Security, etc). Here in Peru, doctors doesn't have too much experience in treatments for vm and we don't have technology. Next week there will be a medical meeting to see the posibility to accept (Social Security) send my baby to USA for a treatment. Here, they offer me to make a surgery but I think this is not the best treatment for Alonso. That's why I need to contact somebody that have the vm in the tongue, palate, cheek, lips and aereal conduct.
I've contacted Dr. Berenstein in 2002, but now he is very busy. I want to know which is the best treatment for Alonso. I have to explain that to the medical meeting next Tuesday. I have to convinced doctors that here is no solution for Alonso, but in USA yes.
Sorry for my english. I hope you understand me.
Thank you.
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