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Hi there.
I am 34 female. I have AVM on my left hand ring finger.
I had surgery 2 times since I first found out that finger was "big" or "swell" than others at age 16.
I had my first surgery at age 17. I remember the doctor told us the "solution" was he would "tie" those problem vessles...., You can call it "fail", b/c my finger ends up getting much bigger than ever!
And at age 20, I had another surgery by a plastic surgeon, this surgeon said if I didn't remove those AVM on my ring finger, it will cause my heart failure in early age. Basically this surgeon removed the worst vessle in that finger, and I was asked to wear elastic glove (custom made) as long as possible to prevent AVM growing or come back.
Unfortunately I couldn't keep the glove on all the time, This surgery worked in the first 4-6 years, then later the same finger gets swell again (on a different side of finger). Not only that, the skin on that finger get worse, the finger tip looks like terribly bruise , peeling. it even bleeding 3 times when I was pregnant last year.
I am glad I find lots info from this website, I was told by my primary that surgery is not "needed", but my finger bothers me a lot. I need my hand in good condition to do lots things (hold things, typing,.....), I even find out I have problem to pick up my 17lbs daughter from her crib sometimes,
I guess I will arrange to see to a vascular surgeon soon, I hope my third surgery is the last one!!
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