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We have been told for the last 8 months that my daughter has a hemangioma (she is 10 mo. old). She has undergone 5 laser surgeries, and one part of it keeps growing back. Hers is on the corner of her bottom lip, and they down the back of her lip and a little bit along her inside cheek. One part is not responding, so the dr. is thinking that it may be an AVM. It grows back a few days after treatment. He wants to excise the spot, send it to pathology, and see. He mentioned that if it is an AVM we would need to do an MRI, and possibly steroids, or angioplasty.

Although I'm feeling better after reading this thread, I'm still worried about the possibilities of all of this. Another daughter had a heart defect, so this doesn't really match in fear for her, but I am concerned about steroids in small children, and the other treatments.

Do these things recur for a person's entire life? Is it possible to ulcerate internally and not know it? What other treatments have people had to go through? Thanks, Kelly
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