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Hey, Melbel I don't know you, but I know excactly how you feel, Cause I have one too. It takes part of my cheek, half lip,chin and like 2 percent of the neck, and 2 percent on the ear. It's all on the left side. When I was 10 the doctors where gonna remove my PWS but I was afraid, Now I'm 15 and I regret not letting the doctors remove my PWS, it's alright though, The only thing is that I get everyone's attention, I wonder what would happen when I remove it would girls actually look at me? I D K, Well now I want the doct to remove it, My mom will make my appointment soon, Get rid of it, I would probably miss it. But hey I gotta try. I know how you feel. Just keep going in life, Good luck to all you guys!
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