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Default Re:Who has gotten there PWS remove?

Hi Michael,

A PWS cannot be totally removed, but laser treatments will make it fade: sometimes up to 100% of the PWS will "disappear" thanks to laser. But after a certain time -- and it could take years -- the PWS will reappear. Then you can have it treated again with laser. On they give figures on results obtained after treatments of PWS. The location of your PWS (face) and your young age make you a good candidate for a successful treatment, according to them, although other factors have also to be taken into account, which they discuss.

Of course, a treatment leaves you with bruising for a while and there needs to be many treatments.

Hope this helps a little : this board is quiet on week ends, so maybe other people with a PWS will talk to you later this week.

Lise (AVM of the lip)
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