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Default Waner is still taking new patients

Ok, first DOCTOR WANER IS STILL TAKING PATIENTS!!!!!!!! this is a if you called and were told he is not please email Janna and put in the subject line "told no appointment". We think that a temp might have been misinforming people???

Also, the busy phone situation one realized from their end. Now maybe it was that Esma or Myra (I can't remember who she said had one line) had the front lines unknowingly forwarded to her ONE line and she was on the phone all unfort. many people were getting busy signals. sorry.

Janna stresses not to be discouraged!!! they want to help! She stresses that you email her (the best way to get into contact with her) and provide background (even if she has talked to you many cases to keep straight) and contact #s for sure. She will get to you.

They are currently booking surgeries out to mid-october. However, they do have the ablility to squeeze emergency cases in. You must schedule surgery thru Janna (and she can do this via email). If you just need to schedule a clinic appt. get into contact with Ada or Esma.

Yes, they are moving to a DIFFERENT BRANCH of the same hospital system. Janna said the parents will love this new area! Its is so nice. The new location is Rosevelt Hospital on the Westside of NYC. Address is 10th and E. 58th st. THey will be starting surgeries there Aug. 3. Clinic will be in the same place until the end of October...and then at that time they will be moving to Rosevelt Hospital for clinic as well. This sounds like a very positive change...but Janna wants you all not to worry...this is not like a BIG MOVE they did before...just an upgrade in location as far as I understood it to be.

Finally, for emergency situations...we have a plan in motion now. If you have anything that is of urgent or emergency situation, please contact me and I will call Janna's cell and have her call you back. She does not want to give this number out as she had to cancel her last one as it got to crazy. Now, if you have any issues of any kind you can either email janna...or contact me and I will let her know.

I hope this helps set everything straight for everyone.

Corinne Barinaga
VBF Director of Family Services
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