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My daughter is 5 and has avm in her left arm and hand this was found when she was about two weeks old she has seen about 4 doctors before we found a good one at the university of michigan. she has been back and forth to doctors about every 6mnths to monitor it and it is increasing it is working its way down her back and neck area she wears a compressive garment that covers her entire arm hand and fingers . She has had one surgery to remove a mass from the top of her hand and has onother surgery the end off the month to remove two more from her arm she has a difficult time with this she has two older sisters and she doesnt understand why they dont have the same problem she does and ive tried telling her that she is special and that we dont know why she has this and just trying to be supportive but its hard to make her understand when i really dont understand her problem myself . we asked about lazer and her doctor says that hers is to massive and wide spread for lazer and really hasent done anything else except remove the masses she developes he worries about the scars and tell him i would rather her have a scar then this thing sticking out of her arm or hand any other ideas please let me know Thanks
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