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Default Treatment options? Pros and cons?

Hi i have a large pws on the right side of my face and neck, i would really like to know all the options available to me to remove it. I had laser treatment when i was younger age 9-12 , seven treatments in total and it did'nt really work at all. I stopped treamtent in 1995. Have lasers improved at all in that time?

I was also wondering about plastic surgery, as in just having my pws removed completely under the surgeons knife? Is that an option, can they actually do that? What kind of results are had this way if it is possible?

Medical tattoing? What are the options with that? Does it look really good afterwards and can i get it done permanently? Anyone whose had it done please reply with your info because this seems a good option if it works.

Sorry for all the questions but any help given would be very much appreciated.

My pws is reddy purply and has no bumps or anything, is just smooth like rest of my skin if that helps.
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