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Hi. I have no personal experience with tattooing or excision of the pws. I have heard from an adult that had the tatoo done and it eventually came through the tatoo. He stated that the original tattoo color was not a perfect match etc and the color of the pws did come through. It also bled like crazy as you can imagine.Also, the tatoo did not prevent the blebs or thickening that he personally experienced.
My daughter is being treated by Dr Geronemus in NYC with a VBeam laser. He has a one of a kind VBeam. My daughter has had excellent results on her facial pws. She just turned 3 and we have 95 to 100 percent fading.
Someone also mentioned the excision of the pws but I believe it came back because of the malformation of the vessels. They obviously have to leave you with some sort of blood flow to the area. I will look for the old email that was written about this.
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