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Thanks aleaxasmommy, cool reply with loadsa info. I've only heard good things about tattoos but your reply has brought also the negatives of it from people who have actually had it done, much appreciated. I would of thought though with how advanced plastic surgery is these days that goin under the knife would work, i've never inquired though so don't know what problems would be. After seeing doc how long a wait is it till first laser treatment can performed? As i said i had laser treatment when i was younger but never knew the procedures of setting it up. It may seem strange but i don't like to ask questions about it to my parents, like how to set up the treatment or why it was stopped in the first place, i take it that it was due to poor results. I feel really akward about talking about it so don't, i take it the people around me feel i have accepted my birthmark because i try real hard not to show any sign of being self consious and ACT like i aint! :-\ Its never mentioned and never has even by my work mates or friends. I deffinately think behind my back though it is! lol ;D
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