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He did test spots on my daughter the first day I saw him. :
Regarding the tatooing or excision, I think that if they have had wonderful results there would be a line miles long for it to be done.......
From speaking with adults myself, I believe that lasers have come a long way. I am not sure of your age, but I know people in their 40 's or older that were treated with the Argon years ago. Their scarring has been pretty bad. Now they are being treated with the current laser technology in an attempt to"correct"
what was done with the old Argon.
As a mom, I can tell you that it has been hard, in a different way than the child. Speaking for myself only, I have guilt, I worry about the future for my daughter much more than I worry about my son who does not have a pws. I cry at the thought of what medical issues she may have because of it's location. As her mom, I was not focused on cosmetic, I just wanted her to be medically clear. I do know that I will never know how she feels about her pws. I can only try to help her in any way I can. It is a part of her and I love her.Some adults I have heard say that they love their pws and they do not want it "gone.". Other adults have said that it has "ruined their life." I can only hope that she accepts it as a part of her.
Good luck to you and I am still looking for that email for you....
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