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Default Is it a port-wine stain?

Hello. I recently gave birth to a daughter on August 5th and she is my first child ever borth with ANY type of birth mark!! She was born with a small salmon patch on her eye-lid that I noticed right away, I was told this would go away on it's own or fade to almost nothing by a year. Then at her 2 week checkup the dr. pointed out she had another birthmark on her vaginal area. He said it was "just like the one on her eye" but when I look at it it looks very different than the salmon patch, it looks more like a port-wine stain as it is dark purplish, not light pink. It is pretty small, and, unlike many other stories I have read about in her, very inconspicious, as it will only be seen by herself or intimate partners when she is an adult. But, I just wondered if it was even POSSIBLE to have a port wine stain on the genital area, or is it a different type of birthmark? Like I said, I am not terribly worried since it won't cause any problems with her being embarrased, at least not until she is an adult, but would just like to know if it is possible to have a port wine stain on the vaginal area. Thanks in advance!

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