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Default Another embolization for my daughter.

My dd went to see her interventional rad dr last monday and says that she needs another embo done.
Imo the first one seemed to help alot. It does not swell up anymore. Although it has only been a month since her procedure. The size has gone down and it does not seem to be as dark. That may just be since the swelling has gone down the vessels are not as tight against the skin.
Her new embo appt date is the 29th of sept altough we may have to push it back since, They need a pre-op done 30 days in advance and it is impossible to make a appt at her peds office without a few weeks notice. The earliest they can see her is mid sept. >
We were hoping to get it done a.s.a.p since we would like her to be abe to walk for her birthday,Which is october 22.
Not to mention halloween.
I am under the impression that it should be done fairly soon after the the initial treatment, however I need to call the dr to make sure i am correct on that, I am unsure if you can put some time in between them and have them still be effective.
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