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My daughter was born with a PWS on both sides of her face, mainly the right, with dark patches around her eye and nose and chin area. She is now 5 mths old and has been booked in for a vascular laser therapy, under general anaestic to commence at 7 mths. Her doctor believes this is the way to go, and is a leader in her field her in Sydney Aust. Claire has also having regular checks for glaucoma, because of the PWS around her eye. She has been given the all clear so far, but they want to monitor it 3 mthly for a while. The opthamologist could not stress enough how she will need regular checks for glaucoma.
I am quite distressed about Claire's mark and the treatment with the laser. I did see one mum talking about her 8mth old boy having this treatment recently, and would love to hear from her to know exactly how her boy reacted and how she is coping with all this. I would also love to hear from anyone else that is undergoing this laser therapy or who's child is, to know a bit more what to expect.
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