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My son was just diagnosed with a venous malformation at the Childrens Hospital in Arkansas. Connor is 20mos and was born with a large bluish birthmark on the middle of his forehead. His pediatrician and a local dermatologist insisted that it was a Hemangioma and would fade or disappear over the next few years. After reading all the info on these types of birthmarks I was not convinced that it was a hemangioma, but a vascular malformation.

We met with Dr Waner and his colleages and they suggested surgically removing Connors birthmark, which would leave a scar on his forehead. I was not prepared for this news. I simply thought that Dr Waner would suggest laser or pulse dye treatment. I was in such shock that I couldn't think of any questions at the time other than how long would the surgery take?
We set a tentative date for July to remove the birthmark, and I'm still wondering if this is the right thing to do. Dr Waner is an expert in this field and I know if we go thru with the surgery he is the one I want to do it. Dr Waner told us that Connors type of malformation will only get larger and possibily spread. Right now Connor's bangs hide the birthmark. But, I certainly don't want it to get any larger.
Does anyone else have or know someone with a similar VM and have had it surgically removed?

Diana (Connorsmom)

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