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Hello Dianna,
I know the initial consultation can be overwhelming. I do not have personal experience with a VM, but have researched vascular anomalies. No expert.

I think you can trust Dr. Waner. He has vast experience. I have consulted with him and met him personally. I know he does not recommend surgery to everyone that walks through the door, only if that is what is needed.

What I know about VM's and the treatment options has to do with the depth and location of the vessels involved.

The ND:yag laser can be tried on superficial parts of a VM, however deeper lesions require surgery. I do not think that PDL's are normally used or that effective on VM's.

Surgical removal is the only options for deeper lesions.

Embolization is another options and is very risky. It is not recommended in most cases and normally only used on those with larger lesions on the limbs.

I have known several with VM's removed. One young girl has had a combination of both laser and surgical removal of her VM. The patients I have met over the years have had Dr. Waner remove theirs.

I cannot comment on the medical necessity of removing VM's or if it is acceptable in leaving them alone. I have heard it is highly recommended to have them removed but don't know the reason why. I think I have seen pictures that they can grow very extensively causing deformity of the face. I would seem that more problems might occur in the future.

It would be nice if someone else could make the decisions for us, but they cannot. You are the only one who can decide if the decision is right or not. If you are confident in the doctor and the information you were given then your decision should be easy. You should not hesitate to call him back with any concerns. You are your son's advocate so continue to educate yourself.

Best wishes on the upcoming surgery.
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