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I also have a port wine stain on my face, that covers the right cheek, my lower lip and my neck. I am now 28 and had up to now 16 laser treatment on the whole area. I have seen improvement but not the one I expected. I know now that it will never go away and I have learned to live with this. I started laser treatment at the age of 18 since when I was a child this was forbitten. Growing up with a port wine stain, believe me wasn't the greatest! But this made me a very strong person and I would not change this with anything!
Is good to hear that you are having laser treatment. Keep it on!It is wonderful that you have been having laser treatments from a young age and I recommend that you continue them as often as you can.I know that this is painfull but it is worth it.
Regarding make up, I always used and still using Maximum cover by Este Lauder. You should try it !!
I hope this is helpfull. Remember by having a port wine stain makes you better than others.

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