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Hi. There is always a chance that it will not respond to treatment. I must say from talking to others,adults included, I have only heard of one person that was not responding well. However, you must realize that there are different lasers to treat pws For example, if the Vbeam does not provide "good" results, you can try the C Beam etc.. If all PDL types of lasers are not working well, there are IPl lasers. There are many avenues to try before one should "give up" and believe the stain is resistant to all treatment. Plus, you may not see fading but hopefully by treating you are helping prevent or halt the possible progression of medical issues related to the pws.
One must also realize that one or 2 treatments may not provide what you are looking for. I know of many people who have had 15-20 or more treatments before they are becoming"pleased" with the results. I am sorry to say that with the current technology, most pws will not be eradicated.
Please stay positive and educate yourself and ask any questions that you may have.....
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