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Default Re:Growing up with a PWS


I know exactly what you are saying, I am 22 years old and have PWS on the right side of my face, upper lip, and on the crown of my head.
I have done laser treatment since I was five years old, and to this day have why to many to count after 14 years of laser treatment off and on. I have used four different lasers and the ones they use these days do not even hurt near as much as the earlier pulse dye lasers.

But anyways when you where talking about PWS made you a better person that was all true, because I am the same way. I would not have as big of a heart now if I did not have PWS, it really does make you a better person, because of all the things we have to put up with growing up being teased becuase we are different, also the stares ane point, it just drive me nuts sometimes but you learn how to live with it.

Have a great day.

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