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Hello my name is Peaches. I am a 33 year old single mother of four. In July I smashed my thumb in my car door and was put in a cast for about six weeks. On Sept 16th it was taken off my hand had been very swollen and throbbed constantly. I was diagnosed with an AVM in my left hand. The Doctors say they are very concerned at first they did an angiogram,MRI, ultrsound. They say if I substain an injury to my hand I could bleed to death. They have decided on immobilization and stress that with the extreme amount of blood flow I am at great risk for losing my fingers. I cannot work and had to go on welfare also applying for SSI which takes time. I am. very scared for me and my children. The doctors seem to be very vague in answers I would like to talk with others in my situaton. I don't have a computer so I'll checkat library. Would love addresses and contacts. Desperately Searching for Answers ???
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