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Hi Melissa,
I completely understand everything you are feeling. I am 28 years old and I also have a port wine stain on my face. I have never been comfortable enough to go without makeup. I commend those who can. It is who you are that matters and people should be able to see the person inside, but as you said unfortunately a lot of people only look skin deep. I have recently started having IPL treatments. They are not too painful. I do not know how big of an area you are dealing with. My birthmark is only the size of a quarter. I'm not sure how effectiove the treatment is on different sizes but I don't see that there would be any difference. It would just probaly take longer . As far as makeup I have to agree with the other lady and say that the best makeup out there is Estee' Lauder maximum Cover. I have tried many other makeups such as Dermablend which is very heavy and caky. I've also tried Clarins and a few others. Maximum Cover is wonderful. Keep up with the laser treatments and always ask your Dr. about other options. Good luck.
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