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I tried sending a post but accidentally sent myself an e-mail...

Anyway, I wanted to share that my daughter, Alexandra Smith was on The Maury Show today. She has venous malformations on the her face, neck, mouth and intracranial. She's had 32 surgeries to help correct this birth defect.

Alex was a guest for, "Children Born With Rare Disorders". Hank was on the show too. Unfortunately for Hank... the show was a disappointment because of the editing. They did a quite bit of editing on Alex's segment too and in fact edited anything we mentioned about God or any mention about her wonderful surgeon (Dr. Waner). The show for us was a very positive experience. As Alex's mom I have prayed for the day where Alex could stand out in the public in a positive way. She's been made fun for most of her life and today.....she was portrayed as the shining star that she is. Truly one of her best days and for her family.....unforgetable.

I pray that the show will touch many lives and will let other children born with vascular birthmarks know how wonderfully special they truly are.

Seanette Smith
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