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Hello Hank

I have a 2 month old daughter who has a port wine stain on her entire right cheek, and we are trying to find out who the best physician is in NY to perform laser for her. We are also very concerned at this time, whether to perform laser on her right away, or to wait until she is about 2 years old (as recommended by our pediatrician and atleast 3 dermatologists that we have seen so far). Out of the 2 dermatologists we have seen so far, one doctor recommended V-Beam laser and the other recommended the Candela Laser. Although both are pulse dye lasers, we would like to know which one we should go with, as we want only the best technology for our child's treatment.

Please suggest :
(a) which laser is the best one to go with for laser treatment.
(b) Should we initiate treatment right away for her(2 months) or should we wait until she is about 2 years of age ?
(c) What will be applied to her face before the treatment starts to numb the pain ?
(d) Could you suggest any best physician in NY who could perform this task for us ?
(e) What are the emotional factors involved for parents in this process, and how should we educate ourselves and our child as she grows up related to this issue..

We are really worried at this time, and would appreciate your inputs on the above.

Thanks, Hema

Originally Posted by hankbartenbach
Hi Angie, thank you for posting a reply to my poll and I hope your daughters laser treatment goes well.
The brusing does happen with the dye lasers but after the day of the treatment I can not even feel it any more. If you ever need to talk I am here for you. I have been doing laser treatments for 14 years now and I have been there. So if you have any questions just message me I and I will see if I can help.

Again good luck with the lasers.

Hank B
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