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I hope you don't mind me replying to your message to HANK.

I was just told yesterday that Candela makes the V-beam laser and it has the cooling system that is the only one of its kind. This is the best to have as tx can be more intense without distruction of the skin. The laser seeks out only the red.
In my opinion, contacting Dr. Waner in NYC is your best option (are you in NYC or upstate?) He helped develop many of the systems used today. He is the top vascular specialist in the world. I believe treatment on a pws should start pretty early to avoid the darkening. dr. Waner will be able to give you specifics on this subject. Our son started laser with the v-beam at 3.5m (a few test spots) and then at about 5 months old he had his first tx. under general anethesia and did fine.... he has a Hemangioma, so we had to wait until he was off steroids and the H. was flatter. I don't think you should least get the opinion of an experience vascular Waner, For extensive lesions children are put under g.a. it is just too much to ask of a baby/child to be held down. If it were a small area and and history with g.a issues exsist in your family...then a child could be held down and a cream is used to numb it.
Dr. Williams, Nagy, Dr. Roy Geronemous (their contact info can be found in the physicians list above)

I would encourage you to read thru the information on and also the support group on msn

there is a lot of experienced parents that can give you direct info on laser/pws and any issues related.

GOOD LUCK and i give you a big high five for being proactive.


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