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Hi Hema,

I agree with Nickbar.

I have used the V-Beam laser, and it is very safe for infants. I suggest calling and makeing an appointment with Dr. Waner he is the best in USA.
You should get a Clinic visit ASAP. The sooner you get it removed. The sooner your daughter can live a normal life. Trust me on this it was very hard liveing with it for 22 years.

She will probably be put under so it will not be tramtizing for her for the surgery.

The best thing I can say is be honest with your daughter about her condition. When she is old enough make sure she knows what she has so she will be able to teach other children her age about what she has so they do not make her out of place. If you have other children do not treat her any different, because she will start thinking she is different.

Talk to you soon.

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