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Thanks for your responses, Corinne & Hank. That was definitely informative and supportive.

AT this time, we are so desparate that we want to help our daughter in any way we could, I'm currently educating myself so much about PWS and how to get laser treatment for our daughter. So I'd appreciate any inputs on the additional few concerns that I have and which are addressed below. I'm sure someone can help.

a) I understand from reading the forum, that Dr. Waner and Dr.Geronemus are the best in the field. Does anyone have references for Dr.Alan Schliftman in NY. I have heard that Dr. Schliftman is also really good in performing lasers and particularly in treating PWS. Please let me know if you have any information on the above physician.

b) We come from the Indian origin, and I have concerns about how the laser impact will be on a child with Indian complexion. By performing the laser, will the skin become more darkened or will the laser really bring my daughter's original skin color ? ARe there any Indian parents who could answer my concern or atleast info on doctors treating kids from the Indian origin ...?

c) I did notice mixed opinions within the forum, about people having to do laser sessions for their lifetime. Reading such opinions definitely created mixed feelings about pursuing laser treatment in the first place, and definitely was disturbing. Is this really true ? do we have continue laser on our child for her entire life ? How far is this true ?

d) Once we initiate the laser treatment, what is the incidence/probability that the stain does not come back again in the same spot where the laser was performed ? Does performing laser remove/fade the stain completely ..?

Your inputs are appreciated.


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