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Hi Hema,

I do not know any Indians with PWS, but if it works the same as my skin did it turned white after the blood capularys where closed off.

Does she have dark or light Indian complextion?

The reason I ask is it might lighten the skin a little.

Yes there always will be different opinons about treatment do to beliefs and and family background.
It also depends on the condtions, because nobody as the exact same marks or condtion. It could be close but there is always differences.
I would not call it having to have laser treatments for the rest of your life, it is more like a touch up visit or two. Dr. Waner says after my marks are removed I might have to come back in fifteen years and get a touch up visit.

The last questions really should be answered by a doctor that knows the field, because I could tell you what I think but it will just be a guess. I have never seen your daugter and do not know how thick it is, or the size.

I think I covered everything I could let me know if there is more.

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