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Kathryn S
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Hi Melissa,
My name is Kathryn. I am 18 and I am a senior at Upper Arlington High School in Upper Arlington, Ohio. When I read you letter it was like i was reading one of my own diary entrys from 4 years ago. When I was born I had a pws on my left cheek, down my neck, and up behind my ear. The doctors told my parents it would go away by the time I was 5, but it never did. For the past 11 years I have had laser on my face, and it has helped a great deal. I stil have a little pws on my cheek, but for the most part it is gone. In my mind, i still think it is there, and in my mind it will always be there. As a kid I always got weird looks, but only a few people would come up and ask me about my birthmark. Now, as an adult, no one ever even sees it. I want to do my senior thesis on something to do with my birthmark, and you just helped me to realize what I need to do. Thank you.

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