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Hi Debbie,

Thank you for repsonding, and welcome to the foundation.
I am 22 with facial PWS, I have had laser treatments off and on for 14 years, and in Feb I will be having another one. This one will be different I am also going to have debulking of excess muscule tissue and fat in my PWS.
Dr Waner is going to do the sugery in NY.

If you have or are looking for insurance and they ask you if it is cosmetic sugery, tell them no. Because they will not cover cosmetic sugery. If you find a doctor and he or she writes a letter to the insurance company explaining why laser treatment is not cosmetic, then they have no reason to not cover you. If they still will cover you, let me know and I will send you a picture of Geoff Ritchie to send to them. They will change there mind trust me. Before sugery Geoff had very bad cobbling on his PWS. He is the worst I have ever seen. If you want to learn more about him, he has a website.

I would like hear your story about growing up with PWS.

Hope this helps let use know what happens.

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