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I am 47 years old and have a PWS that covers the lower half of my face, the entire neck and ends in a triangle on my chest. My 19 y/o son saw Dr. Waner on the discovery channel last night and that prompted me to start surfing this subject again. I am amazed at the support, resources and information now available on this subject. As a child my parents search for solutions that unfortunately included Uranium T2 treatments that now leave me a candidate for thyroid cancer; though that possibility has yet to materialize. I've worn covermark, coverblend and dermablend since I was 14; I hate the masky look but hate the attention from strangers more. I'm anxious to try a couple of the suggestions posted here since as I am aging those thick creams result in less and less appealing results. I stopped wearing the makeup for about a year when I was 27, until I realized my son would bear the brunt of that decision. I do believe it has molded me into the strong woman that I am, but I am tired of the time, expense and mess of the makeup. I've found over the years that going out of my way to be friendly and engaging people that stare in conversation (even just hello, or how are you?) allows them to realize that I am a normal person or reasonable intelligence who just looks different than normal - and that perhaps they ARE being rude. I am a college grad and a department manager for a manufacturing outfit; so it is not impossible to find success, perhaps a little harder that without it but certainly not impossible. The biggest stumbling block I think sometimes is us; PWS or not, if you are not comfortable with youself, no one else is going to be either. I've been looking for Dr. Waner's contact information. . .thought I found him in Little Rock, but it appears he may have moved to NY? If anyone knows for sure, I'd appreciate the info.
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