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I came upon this group b/c my daughter has a strawberry hemangioma on her face. We have had one laser surgery for it. I am replying to you though b/c my 8 year old son has a cafe au lait spot on his leg. It was about the size of my thumb when he was little, it is now larger. I have been told that they are nothing to worry about. He loves it and we told him we put our thumbprint on him when he was born b/c he was so special. He still thinks that and he thinks his birthmark is special. Because of my daughters H on her face I know how you feel and I got laser for her at 3 months b/c I don't want her to have to go through any teasing if it doesn't go away until she's 7 or so. My understanding is that cafe au laits' do not go away and if it bothers you I can totally understand why you would do laser if its possible. I would think if you want to do it it would be better to do it now when little then wait until bigger when it is more traumatic. Also I had a "stork bite" birthmark on my forehead that never totally went away, they are very light and vague but can get easier to see some times then others, i was teased in s chool about it and it was very upsetting for me. Hope this somehow helps a little,
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