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Hi. I would be lying to you if I told you that my birthmark did not affect the way I felt women looked at me, but it did. Probably up to about 7 years ago, and I am 31 now. The thing to do is do what everyone else does. Suck it up and ask that girl out. Dont let anyone tell you you cant get the trophy girl either. Lets put it this way. My birthmark caused me to overeat because of the way kids treated me and so on and so on. I weigh nearly 500 lbs, have a birthmark on my chin and cheek, and I am dating what most men would consider HOT. Why? She looks past the problems and into my heart. If a lady cant look at you for who you are, then she is the one with the problem. Not you. IF there is girl out there you want, go get her. Once she gets to know you, chances are, she wont even notice it any longer within a month.
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