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hiya all.

i'm a 28 year old girl (do they call 28 year old females girls???) living in Singapore and it was great finding a support site where people actually understand me and know what i've gone through!

Growing up with the stain on my face and legs had made me....wellll...i wouldnt say better person, but perhaps more tolerant and understanding towards people.I know most of the people here will or have used makeup to cover them birthmarks -- I have thought of that too, but decided it was too much of a hassle to do that for the rest of my life. So i went through school getting called redface, lobster etc...well of cos they hurt but these names slide off after some time. At work of course i get discriminated somehow cos i'm not as pretty as others and in a job like mine (i'm a Personal Assistant), looks DO get you somewhere. In life I've never been the one who turned heads for the correct reason, who don't get men attracted to me by the dozens.

but hey, you know what? i know that whatever achivements i get at work is purely by merit and not because i'm a pretty accessory. and men HAVE loved me for what i am, what i look like. And i like to think of the birthmarks as a blessing in disguise, because i know the men who love me, love me for ME!
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