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Default Re: Growing up with a PWS

You go Nimmie,

You stick to that job, and you will only see good things in your future.
From what I have heard you say so far on this site, your PWS has made you a better person. Tolerants comes with that as well. Parents, family, and friends might share your feelings with all the pointing, staring, laughing, and the name calling. But they just do not understand what it is like to live with it on a day by day basis. Some people use makeup to hide their PWS, but that is just covering up the problem. I admite I have cosmitic makeup that I can were if I want, but I hardly every use it, unless I am going to be around allot of people I do not know. That might sound weird coming from a guy, but think about it all male actors were makeup what is the differents.

Anyways I am proud of you for standing up for yourself, and if you want to go somewhere and do better things as a Personal Assistant, all you have to to is set your goal and do hold back because Nimmie is coming thru. LOL

Have a great day,

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