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Default Re:Lasting Laser Therapy of Port Wine Stains

Hi purplecolor,

This is Hank, So is the pulse dye laser a V-Beam, or C-Beam? I have had both in the past and none what this coolglide has done. When I had the treatment it litterly indented my skin. When I was at Morelli's office I was useing the arcgone laser. This coolglide is my fourth laser now, and it kind of resembles the arcgone laser but did not hurt near as bad. The coolglide did not hurt as bad as either dye lasers. It was really weird because when I had the zaps there was no light and no sound. From what you have said about the yag laser I do not think it is that kind. This is a brand new machine, I had the treatment at the University of San Franscico. That dermatology has fourteen different lasers and this is just one type they have.

Yes I will be looking forward to seeing Morelli in July. I am trying to figure out how to make the reservations online but I have been having problems figureing it out.

Well I hope to talk to you soon.

Hank B
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