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Gail G
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Default question for Hank

Hank, thank you for replying to my post about my new son. i hope i did not offend you with my question about where did my son my go. I was not thinking who was actually reading my posts and feel bad about that. Please know that I am having trouble handling this and am hoping that being one week from delivery (and then was just days) and being post partum with hormones in flare is not helping. But i am starting to feel better.
Question, my son like you, has PWS in his eyes. i was encouraged to read that you have escaped from developing glaucoma. have you been on drops this whole time? We were seen by Dr Parsa at the Wilmer Institute @ Hopkins, and he said he saw the PWS and that the optic nerve is being pushed out on both eyes. However, b/c pressures were not alarming he said perhaps jack is having pressure spikes. Anyway what i am wondering is have you been treating your eyes to control any further development of glaucoma or just the yearly testing with great success!!
thanks and again I am sorry if my ealry post was rude, i feel badly if i hurt anyone's feelings.
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