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Default possible venous malformation in finger

Hi I am so glad i found this site!! My 10 year old daughter has what is probably a venous malformation in her little finger of her right hand between the two knuckles on the top side. we had never seen it before last december. It was discovered whil she was in the hospital recovering from an infected dog bite of her right hand. At first they thought it was just part of the swelling from the infection, but it was blue and didnt go away. so her pediatriction sent her to see an orthapedic doc who looked at it and said he belived it to be a venous malformation, but he couldtn be sure until he removed it.which he wants to do in a couple of months. I have been searching the web for info on this but have found nothing about VM in fingers. The doc didnt mention any tests for befor surgry just that wed see him the week before. I need to know what to ask our pediatrition and this dr. also can you recomend anyone in Seattle?? Im really nervous about the surgery because its her right hand and she has allways had difficulty with her handwritting , I dont want this to make it worse.
thanks for reading this long message and for being there
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