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Default Help me figure out if doctor is right

I was born with a large black birthmark on my right big toe. It runs in the family but usually those who have it end up getting cancer in another part of their body. My last relative to have have it was one of my grandmothers sisters. Also my great grandfather(my mothers grandfather) had it. It has never darked or gotten bigger. iI've had it from birth. But I'm havig problems determining what type of birthmark it is even though I think it's a port wine stain. I was told 4 years ago it did not have to be removed but suddenly my doctor is suggesting that it should. It has a indefinite border its not a perfect circle its like a blob border. It's about 1 inch across. It covers most of my toe. Please if you're willing to help do. I don't want to get rid of my family's history without a few other opinions.
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