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Default Re:Help me figure out if doctor is right

Hi unknownBirthMark, my name is Hank.

I am 20 years old with several Hemangiomas and Port Wine Stains.
So how old are you?

I have never heard of a black PWS, but then again I am not a doctor. Was the mark in the same spot?
If so I do not think it is a PWS because suposably they are not gentic. If yours really is a PWS you are the first that I heard of. I know it happen but in Three different people in the family that seems really weird.
I strongly suggest you get that look at by a physician ASAP. If you are looking for a doctor I suggest you go to the left of this page under the resources click on (Find a Physician) go in there and scrull down to the state you live in or a state close to you and start calling doctors. Remember to get more then one opinion. I do not think your current doctor knows much about this field of study because if it is a PWS then he or she should have known to get it check out ASAP.
If you have any other questions please ask I am here for you.

Talk to you soon.

Hank B
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