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Default Re: HANK where to stay in NY for surgery

Just a FYI for everybody,

The Howard Johnson was ok, strongly suggest making reservations on
If you reserve by phone it will cost twice as much, (the online discount is very good). It is a couple of blocks from the hospital. In good weather it is walking distance.

Also, I have heard of another complant on the Roosevelt hospital apartments, about smoking and all.

But the apartment right across the street from Beth Iseral was very, very nice and clean. They have a cleaning lady tha cleans all the places. My two bedroom apartment for $125 had two beds in one room, one in the other, and a hidabed in the living room. Plus allot of floor space for cribs. Beth's apartments were very nice if you are a hard sleeper. The only bad thing about it was the fire trucks and amulences blareing by at all hours of the night, due to the hospital is across the street.

If anybody wants any more details on the apartments let me know

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